Jacob Charles Wilson


Face In The Crowd: vintage shots of British football fans

for Huck Magazine
A black and white photograph of a crowd at a football match, a single face is circled.

In my first online article for Huck I spoke to folk historian Alan Dein on his new photobook Face in the Crowd, published by Four Corners Books. The book collects together examples of the almost-forgotten phenomenon of 'face in the crowd' competitions played out on the pages of football programmes.

I was intrigued by these terribly amateur photographs and by the actual act of selecting a particular face in each snapshot: why had the editor chosen that person; did they see someone they recognised, or was it something in their face—did they look funny—or was it simply random?

I see them as a snapshot of social history at the time – with the images of the crowd and what they’re wearing, they’re period pieces. But shown out of context, with the addition of the circled face, they become charged with all sorts of different meanings.

Face In The Crowd: vintage shots of British football fans, is up on Huck Magazine.