Jacob Charles Wilson

Alessio Bolzoni – Abuse II: The Uncanny for Paper Journal

A pair of crumpled shorts lie flat on the floor of a photographers' studio.

Alessio Bolzoni's second self-published book, Abuse II: The Uncanny presents a curious mixture of studio fashion photography alongside a smaller collection of still lifes in a supplementary zine The Event. At first I didn't know what to make of the pairing, I had to look over the two publications a few times before I began to feel the sense of the uncanny.

I don't know whether to describe these as portraits or studies, to imbue them with closeness or distance. On the one hand, these are studies of athleticism and endurance: I hear the noise of the studio, the directions and the cameras. I feel his subjects straining into position, their muscles tensing, sinews stretched, their sweat pooling, their bodies held in place between the unbearable weight of the atmosphere above and the gravity of the earth below.

Alessio Bolzoni – Abuse II: The Uncanny is published by Paper Journal.