Jacob Charles Wilson

Fine art in hard and soft covers for Eye Magazine

Phaidon's new graphic design coffee table book 'Artists Who Make Books'.

As long as there have been books there have been artists making them. As long as artists have made books people have questioned what makes a book. It's a circular argument that Phaidon's new book, Artists Who Make Books, seeks to break by looking at the work of a number of artists who turn their attention to the printed & bound form - Marcel Broodthaers, Tauba Auerbach, and John Baldessari amongst many others. While there's a lot of images, it's a narrow selection and weighted heavily in favour of established male artists. If you want to see where creativity in print design is currently being directed I'd suggest turning away from books and towards contemporary magazines.

At the same time rapid technological changes, changing social mores, and economic concerns – a set of issues similar to those that drove conceptual artists to turn to books – have reproduced similar hopes and aims, similar acts of experimentation, and a similar desire for the mass market in what is now called small press and independent publishing.

Fine art in hard and soft covers is published by Eye Magazine.