Jacob Charles Wilson


Photographs Documenting a Different Side of 1970s New York City

for AnOther Magazine
A woman stands in a public telephone box, appearing to scream.

Bruce Gilden has a certain reputation and one which he's happy to cultivate. It comes in part from his character - brash, upfront, happy to say exactly what he's thinking - and you see this reflected in his photographs, there's a real focus on the personalities in the crowd, he picks them out, and moves in close, very close. I'm not afraid to say I was a little apprehensive when I phoned him one morning to chat about his latest book Lost and Found. What I was met with was a perceptive artist, sure of his talent, and always ready to call up an anecdote.

Look, you're on the street, people knock into you, people smoke, people do this, people do that. There's a lot of things happening on the street and it's not how you do it, it's how comfortable you are. If you were taking a picture of me and you're 40 feet away, I'd find you're a sneak. At least with me, I'm there.