Jacob Charles Wilson


Riding for Deliveroo: How to resist in the gig economy

for Huck Magazine
A crowd of jubilant workers, waving IWGB flags, stand on the steps of University College London.

If capital has its way then the future of work will be nasty, brutish and short. Much of what's written on the 'gig economy' has come straight from the public relations firms of venture capitalists, but Callum Cant's book Riding for Deliveroo takes the workers' point of view. As a former Deliveroo rider myself, I found Cant's book essential reading for anyone trapped in precarious work. It was a real pleasure to chat to him for Huck Magazine, and my only regret is that I couldn't post the entire transcript.

I think the first point is that we are the solution to the problems we face; no-one's coming to save us, there is not going to be an external improvement of conditions. One worker once said to me, 'either we fight or we’re fucked.'