Jacob Charles Wilson

Interview - Dafna Talmor for Paper Journal

A rock face appears cut across by hand-torn white and black lines.

I find myself captivated by Dafna Talmor's practice of dissecting negatives, removing the distinct features of landscapes in order to produce new ones through the fragments that remain - it shows a deep understanding of photography as an ongoing act, something that continues after beyond the moment of the exposure. I joined Talmor at Sid Motion Gallery on the occasion of her latest exhibition, Straight Lines are a Human Invention, where we talked in depth about her practice.

I hope that these become more spaces rather than places. I feel that when you remove those elements its easier to get lost and inhabit that space psychologically. I think about your relation to them physically, but it's quite obvious that you can't inhabit that place. This defying of specificity is something I've always been interested in; it's something quite utopian.

Interview - Dafna Talmor is published by Paper Journal.