Jacob Charles Wilson

A treasure trove of amateur gig posters from the '90s: To Evelyn for Huck Magazine

A pop duo in terrible eighties clothes and haircuts pose like rock stars.

It's rare to come across soemthing so utterly unique as Evelyn Short's collection of gig posters, torn from the walls of her local working men's club, and now collected together in a publication by CentreCentre. There's nothing particularly special about the posters or the acts, with their invariably baroque signatures. They're tacky and they're cheap, made for one night only they're an emulation of fame. But for Evelyn, each marked an escape from the drudgery of housework and the brief enjoyment of a night on the town. For me, they represent how we invest meaning, care, and hope in the smallest and strangest of things.

She would have never begun to imagine that this would end up in a book dedicated to her. It wouldn't have even been in her mind. The beauty of the collection is it was just made by one person with no reason to do it other than pure collecting – there was no financial gain, there was no gain whatsoever apart from her own satisfaction.

A treasure trove of amateur gig posters from the '90s: To Evelyn is published by Huck Magazine.