Jacob Charles Wilson

Deanna Dikeman - Leaving and Waving for Paper Journal

An elderly couple stand in the driveway of a suburban home, waving towards you.

I first saw Deanna Dikeman's Leaving and Waving some time in early 2020. I wanted to write on this unusual family album, but the pandemic put a pause on much of my writing. In early 2021, after a year of isolation and self-observation, I saw a new significance in the work and returned to writing. My article on the series is published in the latest digital issue of Paper Journal.

The scene is one of a suburban idyll, illuminated by the bright sun of a balmy summer day. Dikeman’s mother stands directly in front of the camera, with a tuft of white, curled hair. Her father can be seen taking shelter under the shade of a tree some distance away, wearing the uniform of a retiree; high-waisted slacks and a crisp, white shirt. Standing on the driveway of their red ranch-style home, and smiling, with arms raised, they give a cheery farewell to their beloved daughter.

Deanna Dikeman - Leaving and Waving is published in digital issue 19 of Paper Journal.