Jacob Charles Wilson

Dinh Q. Lê at 133 Rye Lane, London for The Double Negative

Dinh Q. Lê, The Colony, 2016.

I visited 133 Rye Lane to see Artangel's latest commission of Vietnamese-American filmmaker Dinh Q. Lê. This multiscreen video-installation The Colony, surveys the Chincha guano islands off the coast of Peru.

For a series of rocks poking out of the sea, the islands are achingly dry — deserts of dust and bleached bones that gleam under the relentless sun. Shaped first by geology, then birds, and more recently by humans, the islands, through the logic of quarrying, have become a striated architecture of steps, banks, and slides.

Dinh Q. Lê at 133 Rye Lane, London is published by The Double Negative.