Jacob Charles Wilson

Don McCullin at Tate Britain for Port Magazine

A group of anxious people are watching something out of sight, some carry binoculars and cameras, others appear to be waving.

While Don McCullin's demeanour may be jaded by the brutalities he has witnessed, his speech laconic, yet in my mind he is one of the last remaining optimists. It is his clear desire to become a witness that makes me say so, his unshakeable belief that seeing the atrocities of the world as clearly and as directly as possible will in turn bring about a better one. I visited his current show at Tate Britain for Port Magazine, and left wondering whether this adherence to truth and witnessing is well-placed.

In one picture a crowd has gathered and is staring intently at something just out of the frame – just over our shoulder. People of all ages wear winter coats and expressions of concern across their faces. A pair of women link arms, one covers her mouth while the other gestures towards the scene out of sight. Others are walking away, they've seen enough.

Don McCullin at Tate Britain is published by Port Magazine.