Jacob Charles Wilson

Heather Glazzard - Queer Letters for Paper Journal

A scanned letter, written by one of the contributors to Queer Letters.

Heather Glazzard's first major post-university project Queer Letters sees her attempting to open up a space of discussion and self-education for young LGBTQ+ people. Glazzard describes how little material she found as a young teenager and the detrimental affect this had on her own coming-out - something she aims to correct. Glazzard photographed friends, accquaintances and lovers while asking them to contribute letters to their younger selves. I spoke to her one afternoon to hear more about her work and plans for the future.

I think if you can only see a gay cis male representation then you question yourself, and I don't think that's fair to grow up with. There's the whole thing with trans people at the moment and I dunno, it's problematic and it makes me angry. I guess it's getting kind of better now because of social media, but there's definitely still a huge lack of representation, I guess it's just to do with patriarchy.

Heather Glazzard - Queer Letters is published by Paper Journal.