Jacob Charles Wilson

The Green Drift for The BOOKS Review of Books

A terrible drawing of a ferocious furry green spider.

I've previously mentioned my habit of visiting BOOKS in Peckham. Some time ago I asked if I could contribute to the shop's publication, the BOOKS Review of Books. I decided to take on the tackiest sci fi novel I could find. In the spirit of quality criticism I chose it based on the cover alone, and who could turn down a book that promised, 'a terrifying tale of doom and death that will melt your bones and turn your blood to poison'? After some delay, issue 3 of the BOOKS Review of Books has been published. Make sure to a buy a copy from BOOKS' new premises on Maxted Road.

Confusion and terror reign around the rural house of horror writer Richard Chance, as mind-controlling cosmic spiders prepare to invade England's green and pleasant land. While battling a mysterious and inconvenient case of amnesia, Richard finds his precognitive dreams may just save the day, if only he can clear his name from suspicions of MURDER!

The Green Drift is published in issue 3 of The BOOKS Review of Books.