Jacob Charles Wilson

Joshua Lutz: Mind the Gap for Paper Journal

A photograph of an LED road sign stating 'conscious found'

Joshua Lutz' photobook Mind the Gap is a personal and political statement. Made between 2016 and 2018 following the death of the artists' schizophrenic mother it coincides with the election and presidency of Donald Trump.

In this time US liberals have explained events through recourse to stories of madness: that a paranoid mania has recently taken over the nation; that only the insane would elect Trump, a man who has no regard for women, for minorities, for the poor, a man who openly claims he could murder people. I any case, Trump disqualifies himself from office due to his perceived dementia and narcissism.

It's much harder for people to consider the fact that anger, hatred, and neglect are effects of the very normal, very rational, bipartisan workings of the failing US empire.

All too often the person who can no longer bear 'all that' doesn't evade capitalism, but rather finds themselves consumed by it: addicted, indebted, incarcerated, dead. Similarly the mentally ill are not solely responsible for the violence that plagues the US, the constant domestic abuse, hatred of minorities, and endless, endless shootings.

Joshua Lutz: Mind the Gap is published by Paper Journal.