Jacob Charles Wilson

Capturing a 'Brotherhood' of Local Boys in Australia's Northern Rivers for Another Man

Three boys form a human tower on each other's shoulders

Many people face the feeling of having outgrown their home—of all possibility having been exhausted by its familiar confines. Few are able or willing to appreciate that others see in it something they themselves overlooked. It is a jarring experience to see others find beauty and life in a place you couldn't wait to escape.

Pani Paul is one of the few. In 2017, he returned, along with his partner Lola Papropka, to his childhood home of Northern Rivers, Australia. There he photographed sights familiar from memory, and a gang of boys, 'Our Strong Brotherhood', making the most of the empty beaches and muddy swimming holes.

I loved being there as a kid but I could not wait to leave when I turned 18. I wanted the city, I wanted structure. Nowadays, with globalisation and the internet young people are connected with what's happening and have access to everything online. When I grew up there you really felt the isolation. I think it's only natural for young people to rebel.

Capturing a 'Brotherhood' of Local Boys in Australia's Northern Rivers is published by Another Man.