Jacob Charles Wilson

New Year 2016

Two weeks into the new year and it feels like December is already forgotten, or perhaps January is simply indistinguishable from December. Despite all the celebrations the new year hasn't arrived yet, to me everything appears to be delayed by 6 months.

The first half of 2015 felt very much like 2014, I was ensconced in my MA, reading and writing on documentary and performance practices. It was only once I finished my masters in June that 2015 truly began. I had intended to go straight into work, but I decided to take some months out - the first real relaxation since I'd started full time education - I never took a gap year in between school and college, college and university, undergraduate and postgraduate. A couple of days after my graduation, a few of us got away to Sicily for a week, during which, besides me driving about on the nightmarish Italian roads, I saw the sun rise and set over the sea - you might just make out the red speck in the picture above.

So perhaps 2016 will start in June, once the weather brightens up and I can get out of my raincoat and onto my bike. This year I'll be focussing on writing, interviewing, and editing - something that I'm practising weekly with these blog posts, but I'll also be pitching to magazines and writing for the sake of writing with no intention to publish. I'm back in Manchester for the moment, and I'll take the time to get about the North West, up to Glasgow too, and explore the places that I've missed or never visited since I moved to London four years back. I'm also going to start buying art and supporting artists where and when possible, this isn't the start of a collection, but at least my walls and shelves won't be empty in the future.