Jacob Charles Wilson

The Darkroom is a Sacred Space: Phoebe Kiely for The Double Negative

A moody photograph of black leaves against the white sky.

When I talk to photographers it's usually at the end of their project, when the ink is dry and the paper bound. But photography is never just the images themselves, it is the acts and people who make them. My interest in this notion of expanded photography led me to chat to Phoebe Kiely ahead of her talk at Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool. I find a tension in her method between the chance encounters made on her frequent wanders, and the close attention she pays in the darkroom to perfecting the composition and tone of her oneiric images.

I feel it's quite balanced between my love of making work in the street and making work physically in the darkroom. It's different, but it's really necessary for my practice; the work wouldn't be the work if I wasn't making it by hand.

The Darkroom is a Sacred Space: Phoebe Kiely is published by The Double Negative.