Jacob Charles Wilson

✓✓ Read Receipts: Cold and melancholia

The past week's Womens' Marches and the punching of the nazi Richard Spencer say more than any list of political articles could. Instead, here's a list to help overcome the melancholia that seems to permeate everything at the moment. Interestingly, Galenic humourial theory associated melancholia with the Earth, autumn, the cold and dry, but also with the creative mind.

The photo above is by Vivian Fu, one of the first photographers I started following back in 2009. Her picnic from December 2016 was a joy to see on my timeline, lifting me out of my winter blues and into the shining summer. As much as I love wearing my heavy wool coat and hats, there's little better than spending months wearing shorts and sitting on warm concrete. I'm planning on having as many picnics as possible in the coming year.