Jacob Charles Wilson


✓✓ Read Receipts: Independent Publishers

I'll be working at The Modern Magazine 2017 this Thursday, covering the day's events for the magCulture Journal. So, this week I thought I'd highlight a few magazines that I've enjoyed recently.

  • Buffalo Zine. I utterly adore the playfulness of this magazine, which redesigns itself for every single issue. The current issue sees six different covers, each a pastiche of the kind of in-house supermarket magazine that I always find on my parents' kitchen counter.
  • Real Review. For the past few years Jack Self and the Real Foundation have made a serious effort of reimagining of what a magazine could look like, feel like, and change in the world.
  • Somesuch Stories. I subscribed to their website in early summer but I've not yet picked up a print copy. Their mixture of fiction and factual makes me think of it as a smaller version of the London Review of Books.
  • Sabat Magazine. It was only in June that I first saw Sabat's 'Crone Issue'. Their design reflects the myserty and hidden knowledges held by the figure of the crone.
  • Gut Magazine. Taking a more playful side of the gross & esoteric.
  • Stack Awards Shortlist. Also coming up soon are The Stack Awards 2017, one of the best places to start when looking for notable independent magazines. I could list every one of the shortlisted publications here, but they've already done the hard work.