Jacob Charles Wilson

✓✓ Read Receipts: The Health of the Internet

The Internet is not healthy. A lot of the underlying technology only works because of conventions and implicit trust, the authentication and security systems now being built into it are plasters over gaping wounds. We find it increasingly centralised, increasingly monetised. It's the largest, most comprehensive surveillance system in history, and it's operated not just by governments, but by the companies that are replacing them. It's almost impossible to live without it and it's almost impossible to fix it - we're stuck now.

Recently, I've been trying to get my blog up to date: uploading old articles and correcting typos and broken bits of code. In the course of this I found a bunch of dead links: where the URL has changed and the coders have forgotten to redirect the old address. This issue is becoming more and more prevalent as websites are increasingly paywalled off, usernames are changed as people establish a personal brand, or people migrate from websites to the walled gardens of 'apps', or simply, malice drives bosses to shut down websites - as in the case of Lucky Peach.

This week, I'm making a small effort to redress these broken links, by pointing to their archived copies.