Jacob Charles Wilson

Richard Mosse: The Castle for Tank Magazine

A black and white photograph of a landscape filled with decrepit shacks and tents.

Flesh reduced to black and white, faces rendered like death masks. This is how we've been taught to see 'the migrant crisis', like that of a border guard, reduced to simple binaries of us and them, those to be saved and those condemned.

I wrote for Tank on the landscapes of terror presented by Richard Mosse in his latest photobook The Castle. He spent years traversing the edges of Europe, capturing these scenes using a computer-controlled camera, classed by the military as a weapon. In the border zones of Europe there are no people, simply targets.

From the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, to the Yayladağı camp in Turkey, Moria in Greece, and the Berlin Tempelhof are people scattered between shacks, tents and hastily thrown up cubicles. Amongst these are scenes of people trying to retain some semblance of normality, hanging washing on lines and feeding their children. Outside of the camps, everyday life continues with cold indifference.

Richard Mosse: The Castle is published by Tank Magazine.