Jacob Charles Wilson


Bastard Countryside: Dystopian shots of Britain's rural edgelands

for Huck Magazine
A photograph of a beached bleeding sperm whale.

In my second article for Huck I interviewed Robin Friend, who for the past 15 years has been building up a massive body of large-format photography. This has been collected together by Loose Joints and published as Bastard Countryside.

Friend's images describe a strange, fractured island, a landscape neither nature nor city, but something in between. The poison of the city leeches into hay bales and whales, driven mad by shipping and desperate to accelerate their death, beach themselves on rocks.

We romanticise the landscape, we think of it as pastoral, beautiful, like a painting by Constable, a place where you go and sit down and have a picnic, he explains. But actually that's more fake than what the Bastard Countryside is for me; that's the truer representation of the British landscape.

Bastard Countryside: Dystopian shots of Britain's rural edgelands, is up on Huck Magazine.