Jacob Charles Wilson

The style & grace of London's white garment churches for Huck Magazine

A woman stares deep and thoughtfully into the lens of the camera.

I'm always encouraged by photographers who move outside of their comfort zone but who bear in mind the political and ethic implications of their practice—'representing communities' is simply not enough. Sophie Green is one such artist, while documenting the white garment churches of South East London for her project Congregation she made herself a part of the communities, running workshops and delivering prints. Small acts of working together that many photographers could learn from.

Her photographs capture a wealth of scenes – the bustle of churchgoers filtering out, the serenity of decorated altars, crucifixes that seem to emanate an inner light – taken at events that include harvest festivals, Palm Sunday, and children's birthday parties.

The style & grace of London's white garment churches is published by Huck Magazine.