Jacob Charles Wilson

Happiness in Magazines – The Stack Awards 2018 for The Double Negative

A pile of multi-coloured cards with Stack Magazines' logo.

Fame and fortune are hard won in the world of small and independent publishing. The nights are long and filled with editing, the money, so hard to come by, seems to melt the moment you find it. But at the end of the day, seeing a page in print is a beautiful thing – despite the errata.

Everyone working in publishing understands this, and understands what it means to finally have your work recognised. For the past four years The Stack Awards, organised by Stack Magazines, have sought out the most exciting and inspiring independent magazines. I wrote up on this year's winners for The Double Negative.

Archivio's unusual approach is to take its pictures from existing archives before weaving stories around them. In this issue, photographs taken from the Stasi archives feature secret agents performing hand-to-hand combat, their identities hidden by simple scrawled marker pen. In another story, Andrea Pinotti writes about the three dimensional nature of images via a set of photographs taken from a 1978 study of the Turin Shroud.

Happiness in Magazines – The Stack Awards 2018 is published by The Double Negative.