Jacob Charles Wilson

The Modern Magazine 2017 for The magCulture Journal

A lectern on a stage

Last week, I was asked by Jeremy Leslie of magCulture to run The Modern Magazine 2017 live blog for the magCulture Journal. I'd never before had a chance to visit the conference and I had a great time working alongside intern Alice Daisy Pomfret, who took over the social media for the day.

The early morning session saw the day start with talks by Isabel Seiffert & Justinien Tribillon of Migrant Journal, Lydia Garnett, one half of Accent, and Tony Brook of Unit Editions.

In the Late morning session we heard from Anja Aronowsky Cronberg on fashion journal Vestoj, Owen Pritchard editor of It’s Nice That. One of the best talks of the day by Takahiro Kinoshita, editor-in-chief of Japanese culture magazine Popeye.

In the afternoon host Liv Siddall took to the stage to talk on the rise and fall of Rough Trade magazine to huge applause. Mirko Borsche of Bureau Mirko Borsche fascinated everyone with his innovative take on print design. We also heard from a panel of publishers; Bertie & Char of Mushpit, Danielle Pender of Riposte, John L Walters of Eye magazine, Matt Phare creative director of ShortList and Stylist, and Paul Gorman, author of The Story of The Face.

The day ended with Francesco Franchi, managing director of the Italian daily La Repubblica & its supplement Robinson, James Hyman of The Hyman Archive, and Nicholas Blechman of The New Yorker.

The Modern Magazine 2017 is published by The magCulture Journal.