Weekly Reader 2

Two cats sit on a comfy looking sofa.
By Jamie Luke

This past week I've been less focussed on keeping up to date with reading and more focussed on lying in bed, coughing, wheezing, and generally having some sort of nasty illness.

  • On January the 19th 1815, Byron wrote to Thomas Moore of, 'Boatswain, the dearest, and alas! the maddest of dogs'
  • "The irresistible, rib-sticking qualities of these suet pudding recipes will throw many a January diet into disarray. Relent and embrace this beef and ale pud and moist mini cakes wholeheartedly" - Ruby Tandoh's coffee, date, and cardamom suet puddings
  • "When Pablo Picasso and Francoise Gilot visited him in Venice, they found him sitting up in bed (his painting practice sharply curtailed), armed with a pair of giant scissors, holding a sheet of colored paper in one hand while a flurry of clippings–what would become known as the 'cut-outs'–cascaded onto the bed covers around him."
  • "If one takes an amoral vantage point, cigarettes can boast some of the strongest design and communication of the past century. I've smoked more than my share over the years, and I know de-branding would have worked on me, because it was the branding that lured me in in the first place."
  • "Somewhere in a datacenter in Austria there's a dedicated machine that has only one mission: download and share the 100 most popular files on BitTorrent and turn these bits and pieces into a piece of art."
  • "If you look at the agency run staff they are just brought in to fill a room," N said. "They don't tend to stay a long time and they don't usually have knowledge of the building or the paintings. The ethos of the place is bound to change."
  • "All artworks and photographs made at Guantanamo are subject to review and destruction at the end of each day. The artists, then, must convey the horrific through the banal."
  • "Based on a real incident, this is the story of five girls who are among the 200 women who answer an ad for a modest secretarial position one rainy morning in Rome in 1951. They crowd and push their way into the old building and fight their way up the stairs to await an interview, only to be told there is not enough time to interview all candidates. A scuffle breaks out and the stairway collapses sending many of them hurtling down in a mass of bodies amid brick and mortar." - Roma Ore 11 (1952), tonight 25 January at The Common House, London E2 9QGT
  • Sophie Davidson is looking to photograph women who've faced abuse, "I am tired of projects which are very proficient but are none the less faceless. No one who this has happened to should be embarrassed, it is not their fault and I would like to make something that will help people feel that way and to know they are not alone."