Jacob Charles Wilson


Weekly Reader → ✓✓ Read Receipts

I had to rethink the Weekly Reader—this was at the forefront of my mind while I was considering how this blog frames culture—I never really liked the name but I ended up using it because it's simple and vaguely descriptive. But, it came to a point where my reticence to post was partly down to an irritation with 'Weekly Reader'—what was the point of putting effort into a post only to hide it behind a dull title?

My relationship to the blog came to feel like a friend I'd left on read receipts. I've done it with people. People do it with me. It's a state of existence that's perhaps unique in history; knowing that they know that you know… et cetera. I enjoy writing. I meant to update the blog. I was still reading every day, I drafted posts, I always meant to publish. But, for one reason or another, I didn't get around to it. Soon, the cycle of anxious failure to send surrounds you and merges with bills and emails and applications. So—it's now ✓✓ Read Receipts. It's a little more interesting, and it reflects the fact that sometimes I get distracted, or forget, or can't think what to say.

In the course of reassessing everything I went through some of the old writing I did when I first started this blog, just over seven years back, before I'd properly started studying or found my niche. I always imagined that this writing would be an embarrassment. I actually deleted most of this work. But some stayed in pdfs, printed pages, and forgotten folders. Taking a look over this work now, I'm actually pleased with the energy and commitment I had to even the smallest shows. Most of this writing was deleted. Some is truly awful, some is dated, and some I might rewrite and post. I've also included here some more recent work that never got published.